Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Dark Lady , Violas, and Strawberries

Late July.. The Dark Lady finally opens a bloom! I had planted her in my main flower garden in front of the house. She didn't like it there, it was too chilly and shady half the day. She suffered from the cold! And was being strangled by poppies, nasturtiums, and feverfew, who all shoved her aside, and threatened to block her sunlight! So I moved the poor girl to a warmer spot by a wall that faced south. She felt a lot better there, and hopefully will reward me with a few more blooms!

Violas.. my favorite flower of them all! I just adore them, thier happy little faces and cheerful colors! Sometimes I look at a viola flower and it's like a miniature watercolor painting. Mother Nature is some kind of artist!!

Food! Strawberries, apples, and veggies were bountifull! The strawberries I also brought with me from the old house. I had long long ago bought only four strawberry plants, and they had multiplied to dozens! So I brought about 20 of them to this new garden, and I hope to have a giant strawberry patch here one day!


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