Sunday, May 29, 2011

tree confabulations

Welcome to my June Festival of the Trees.
This month's theme is: Trees in sound & motion: arboreal conversations

The first tree that came to mind was my willow, as it is always in motion, with that lovely gentle rustle of leaves. I love to stand inside its flowing branches and look out into the world beyond. There is a peacefulness in its embrace.

Sometimes my willow gives me a feeling of great joy and happiness. Although it is a "weeping" willow, it does not seem to be weeping to me at all. It seems to be alive and energetic.

There are times when my cat, Pippin, climbs up into the willow. He becomes a crazy and wild cat within its canopy, quite unlike his normal "pet" self.
I did a drawing recently of a little chat I had with Willow:


The giant beech behind our house has a presence. She seems to gaze into the west, forlornly waiting for something. Sometimes at night, she seems a little scary to me. I have never talked with her, and I wonder.. if I did try, would she even hear me?

While on a bus recently in Eindhoven, Netherlands, there were many of these trees along the road. They seemed to call out to me to notice them. Beautiful trees, with ferny yellow leaves, they seemed a friendly type of tree, smiling at me and waving hello. I had to find out what they were! Thank goodness for interactive internet, they are "sunburst honey locusts" I must see if I can grow one in my own garden.

We have been having some fierce winds here in the middle of Ireland recently. One day, I looked outside, and a neighbour's trampoline had ended up in the middle of our roundabout, caught up in one of the birch trees. Well, my drawing is a bit of an exaggeration, it was only leaning against the tree. But it had taken a big chunk out of its trunk!
I had planned to go out and chat with my willow this morning, but when I got outside, I had a different kind of confabulation. ;)

See more tree conversations during June at Rubies in Crystal , our host this month for Festival of the Trees.


Blogger Brenda said...

Sylvia, you know I just loved your whole post, and the Willow dance was, well, yes, what we all do, or would like to, dancing with those green tresses, an intimate moment... you are so beautiful, in your orange and with your long silver hair, swaying... and the way you rush off at the end like the wind, carrying the energy of the dancing tree with you, oh! Not sure why the lovely Festival of the Trees isn't also a commenting community, looks like no-one on any of the posts linked got comments, though likely a nice spike in blog traffic for a few days. So I wanted to drop by and say, once again, yes, wow. Beautiful. Thank you...

June 06, 2011 2:30 pm  
Blogger Suzi Smith said...

Hi Sylvia... only just working my way through the festival... love this... and your lady beech, i wouldn't have seen that.... of course she'd hear ;-)

June 14, 2011 3:18 pm  
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