Sunday, July 23, 2006

pixie flowers and stripes

Linanthus are tiny little flowers, in many glowing colors. I planted a bunch on the kitchen windowsil, so I can see them as I wash dishes. And when I'm outside, they are just the right hieght to look at them closely and admire them.

Some pink flowers, impatiens and silene. Silene is another tiny flower, I just love them. Some day, I am thinking I would like to make a "pixie" garden, using candy-colored itsy-bitsy flowers. Maybe next year...

These nasturtiums decided to grow in my meadow with no help from me. How do they get there?? This particular bunch has developed striped leaves, which I have never had before. Can't wait to see what the flowers will look like. I will have to save seeds, I love the leaves.


Blogger Sigrun said...

The nasturtiums are very nice, which colour have the flowers?


August 10, 2006 7:48 pm  

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