Friday, October 27, 2006

Impatiens, Chamomile and Ash

My indoor flowers are blooming nicely, these impatiens looking rosy and glowing.

In the path is chamomile, blooming and releasing its wonderful scent as you pass it. There is a rare yellow leaf lying on the stepping stone. The color of trees this year is dissapointing in my area. Leaves seem to be staying green, or just turning brown and falling.

My young ash is still green, it grew well this year, I had trimmed its branches in early spring in hope it would fill out a bit more. I grew this on from a 6 inch bare root seedling, which I got from someone in a tree parade in Dublin a few years ago. The seedling spent a few hours in a glass of water in a pub before I wrapped it in a napkin to take home with me.


Blogger snappy said...

I love the young ash.It started off in a pub glass!my hydrangea was wrapped in wet tissue paper and cling film before it went home in my bag.I want some Chamomile to make tea, and for the scents.
Love your busy lizzie!

October 30, 2006 12:05 am  

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