Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Celestial ladybugs, spiders and daisies

.It's that time of the year, my Celestial Roses are blooming.

It's warm enough to sit outside and crochet in the garden, Tinkerbelle lounging on the grass with me, the roses sending lovely drifts of scent my way.

Walking around the garden, I see the insects are enjoying the weather too. A little ladybug looking for a picnic on my daisies.

A beautiful long-legged chartreuse green spider, maybe hoping for a bee lunch?

The daisies look towards the sky, watching the swallows flitting around.

They try to see over the wall beyond, what's on the other side?

The neighbour's roof! It's being used as a meeting point for the local starlings. They sit and gossip and decide which garden they will feast in next. Come to mine! I know they love to eat slugs. ;)

Violas smile at me from their spot by the back door.

Sweet peas crawl along the footpath, maybe they want to join me and the cat by the roses?

There, my hat's done! Bye bye from me and Tinkerbelle!

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Anonymous Bridget said...

Lovely pictures. Nice to see someone who likes Daisies, some people look on them as a weed. Nice Hat!

June 16, 2011 4:33 pm  

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