Friday, June 20, 2008

Juggling the roses

Today is World Juggling Day.

But did the faeries have to use my biggest roses for their little juggling festival? Hey all, why not try it yourself? Juggle the flowers and have some fun!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

June Bloomday

It's June Bloomday, and Father's Day as well. Hoping all you fathers have a lovely day.
This month my garden is filled with roses, pinks, and geraniums. Above is Celestial Rose from the medieval days, an alba rose which I adore.

William Morris looking lush these past few days.

Tiny De Meaux, with a helpful support by its neighboring friend, the calendula.

Marinette looking sweet as candy. Those were the pink roses.

And here are the pink pinks. ;-)

Geraniums in front of my shed.

Blythe Spirit

Mirthful, towering over more geraniums.

Moyessi, a wild rose, with the reddest flowers.

They grow alongside my shed, which seems in danger of dissapearing someday behind a jungle of plants.

Sage in the herb bed

By the back door are zaluzianskia, candytuft and a few california poppies.

Dark Lady is shy today, she hid herself behind the violas.
Join us in Garden Bloggers Bloomday. Visit Carol's blog "May Dreams Garden" and see what's blooming all over the world.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


These two blooming friends are holding each other in exciting anicipation! June Garden Bloggers Bloomday is coming up real soon at May Dreams Gardens!

Cactus flowers

6 days ago

5 days ago

4 days ago

3 days ago

2 days ago

yesterday morning

last night
I was given this cactus a few years ago from a neighbor. She said she didn't like cactuses. Well, although I am also not a big fan of the spiky things, I am a fan of free plants. The big ball on top has grown since I got the plant, along with a few side shoots. And these are the 3rd and 4th flowers that have grown since in my care. The flowers are bigger than the cactus! And they smelled lovely, especially at night. I'm so happy this plant found its way into my house.