Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloomday - July

There are so many flowers blooming, this is only a bit of it all:

Scintillation roses bloom alongside of my shed, just on the edge of the wilder area of my garden, "Peppermint Woods"

Scintillation againMirthful rose in the front garden

Wild fuchsia

Himalayan honeysuckle, it's become a giant shrub, filled with buzzing bees.

Malva in the front garden, a wren visiting on the wall. The only reason I knew the tiny bird was there, was because my cat was doing that "I see a bird" thing that cats do with their mouth. And the cheeky wren was teasing the cat.



Honeysuckle again

Cotton lavender

Evening primroseFeverfew and a lemon-scented geranium flower.



Violas/pansies in the strawberry patch

Pansies form all over the garden.

My daughter, who lives in Dublin, has picked up gardening this year. She and her boyfriend planted seeds in all kinds of crazy containers. This is linaria from a wildflower seed mix.
It makes me happy to see my kids have the same kind of love affair with plants.

My shed, slowly being enveloped in nature.

Visit Carols' blog: May Dreams Gardens, where you'll find links to other people's flowers blooming in July all over the world.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Roses in art

Celestial, an alba rose dating from the middle ages. There are alba roses in Botticelli's 'The Birth of Venus'

William Morris, a David Austin English rose. William Morris also painted roses.

pink: Celestial, red with bee: Moyesii, red: Dark Lady, yellow: Graham Thomas

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Green spider

I saw this pretty spider in the rosemary, when I went out to pick some for dinner seasoning. I love the coloring of it, green and yellows, a little spot of pink.