Thursday, September 25, 2008

Spider webs everywhere

This foggy morning, I went outside to pick an apple for breakfast. Saw a nice big red one, and headed toward it. But alas, it was covered in webs. And I didn't want to disturb the spiders, so I had to choose a lesser apple.

While the apple was stewing, I went out with my camera and took pictures of webs, webs, webs everywhere.

Webs on the Moyesii rosehips...

Webs in the purple plum...

Webs on the contorted Hazel...

Webs on Harry Hawthorn..

Maybe tommorro, I can have that big red apple.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hips and Berries

Lisa at Greenbow has invited bloggers to post their berry photos. I recently saw a post of berries at Mr. McGregor's Daughter's blog and found several garden bloggers had joined in as well. So here are the berries and rosehips in my garden.

The above two photos are of the big rosehips on my wild rose, Moyesii.
*edit* This rose is from David Austin Roses,
R. Moyesii 'Geranium'

Green hips on Scintillation Rose.

My blond raspberries are forming a second crop, the first was during July.

Blackberries ready for picking and turning into jam.

A honeysuckle berry.

Himalayan Honeysuckle forming its weirdly alien berries.

This might be cotoneaster, I'm not sure. It's a cutting from my old garden, which was a volunteer shrub under a tree, maybe from bird droppings? I always liked the bright berries, so took a bit of it with me to put by my shed.

My Neighbor's yellow rowan berries.
My rowan has red berries, but it didn't produce any flowers this spring, so no berries. And same with my hawthorn and pyracantha, no flowers, no berries.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

William glows in the morning sun

Beautiful William Morris, a David Austin English rose. He was positively glowing yesterday morning, as the sun came out of the fog.

The moon still shines behind his soft peachy petals.

William is very healthy this year, growing quite large on the fence. Can you see the faint strands of a spider web?
If anyone asks me today, which is my favorite rose, I might just say it's my beautiful William Morris.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

September Garden Bloggers Bloomday

I'm a couple days late posting my September blooms, I just got back home last night. I walked around the garden this foggy morning, and here are my best shots.
Above is a borage flower. My borage has been in bloom for a few months now in my vegetable garden.

One of my wallflowers has decided the weather is cool enough to bloom again, accompanied by a little snail.

Another snail crawls on a pink flower, transplanted from my Mom's garden. I've no idea what this flower is.

I like the web on this fuchsia. There are webs everywhere during late summer here, little spiders flying through the air on their silken threads, landing where the breeze takes them.

Blythe Spirit, still blooming.

Mirthfull, still looking lovely.

There are several more flowers out, I'll go out in a little while and take a few more photos when the fog lifts.
Visit Carol's May Dreams Gardens blog to see what's blooming in September all over the world.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Rainbow Sunflower

My sunflower has had some day today. First thing this morning, he was enjoying the early morning sunshine, backlighting his pretty head, as in the previous post. He had bees and insects visit all day, and after a spot of thunder and rain late in the day, he had a lovely rainbow appear over his head.

I'll be away for two weeks, visiting my Mom again. I hope to do Gardener's Bloom Day 2 days late, on the 17th, hope Carol won't mind. *wink*


This morning, my two sunflowers looked magical, backlit by the rising sun.

Yesterday was cloudy, but this flower shone like the sun.

Tess Of The d'Urbervilles Rose

My new rose, Tess, is starting to bloom in its first year. That's quite unusual for me, all my other roses began blooming in their second year.

She is a beautiful shade of red.

Another rose from David Austin, I think he grows the most beautiful roses in the world.

William Morris Rose

William is giving its second flush of flowers this summer.

He is a lovely apricot color, and has a beautiful strong scent. This shrub grows very well, a very strong and healthy plant.

An english rose, bred by David Austin.


My windy roses, whom I have named "Mirthful",
as I don't know what their real name is.

Press the play button to see the windyroses being mirthful!