Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Butterflies and caterpillars in the garden.

There are dozens of these orange and black butterflies on the oregano patch.

These caterpillars on the nasturtiums will become whites with black spots.

My oregano and its butterflies.

I'm gone for 2 weeks, see you then. I am going to put up a Bloomday post on 20 Sept. I know it's a few days late, but I won't be home till the evening before, and I do enjoy posting the monthly flowers and seeing other's posts!

William Morris roses nod thier pretty heads

William Morris Rose, bred by David Austin.

I have to stand under these roses to admire their beautiful apricot colored blossoms, as they all like to hang their heads downward.

They are growing very well this year, newly moved along the fence, out of my "woods" and into the sunlight. I might someday afford a bench to place underneath so we can sit and look up into the nodding flowers.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Flowers on a rainy day

Marinette seems to enjoy the occasional shower, wearing the raindrops on her petals like jewels.

During the sunny spells, white butterflies come out of hiding to sample the nectar.

The pumpkin blossoms are huge, and sometimes fill their cuplike flowers with water.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

It's a Flippin Day!

This is flippin great fun! It's International Rock Flipping Day! This rocks!

My first flip of the day revealed a big fat worm, some mystery insect (possibly an earwig?) and a woodlouse. Click on the photo, and look at the bottom slightly left of the rock hole, and there's the louse.
I might go out again in a little while and do a few more, right now it's raining and I need to do other stuff.. ;-)

went out later in the day and flipped out!

Oooh! Slugs, my favorite creature in the world. So cute and cuddly.. NOT!
Did you actually believe me there?
Now I know where they hide out during the day!

I used to flip paper for a living, being an animator, almost as much fun as flipping rocks.. tee hee

The last one I flipped had a creepy crane fly under it, sleeping the day away. It flew over to the grass edging and sat there sulking. Hard to see, it's light brown in color, in pretty much the middle of the photo.

Join in! See Via Negativa's post for more info.