Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Elisabet the Horse Chestnut

This is a tribute to a fallen tree. We once lived near Phoenix Park, close to Dublin, where the central Avenue was lined with horse chestnut and linden trees. I had made a photo of this particular chestnut tree throughout the year, my Mother had named her Elisabet. Latin name "Aesculus hippocastanum".
We recently passed through the park, and I saw an empty spot where my Elisabet had been growing. She probably fell during the fierce winds we had over the winter season.


Early spring


May, when the trees burst into flower, they look magnificent during this time!

End of May



August, just before they mow the grass for turning into hay.

September, when the nut-fruits start falling. We call them conkers, and children gather them up for thier games.


Elisabet, she will always have a special place in my heart.
(I'll take my camera with me next time, and take one last photo of the spot.)
*1 April, edit* here's a pic of the spot, my husband was down that way today.
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Sunday, March 18, 2007

the real windy-willow!

Happy Mothering Sunday. It was a beautiful morning, bright and sunny.

Then out of nowhere, came a wicked wind and snow! I managed to take a pic of my willow blowing crazily in the snow flurries. Then, 5 minutes later, a clear sky again.

Now, an hour later, it's quite cloudy and dismal. What crazy weather!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Paddy's Day

The view from our front door during a sudden downpour yesterday evening.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

high fashion in the bogs!

After looking at Carol's and Yolanda's blog about fashionable footwear for the garden, I had to post this. I wear wellies, folded over because they are comfy that way. You could call me a muck-savage, sure. But it's very muddy here, and these boots are neccesary! It's high fashion out here in the bogs! ;-}
I was trying to take a pic of Tinkerbelle as she was weaving in and out of my legs, it's the only pic I have of my wellies at the moment. I'll take a better pic tommorro when it's light out and add it to this post, but this'll do for now.

16 March: Here we are! Wellies for wet days, some real comfy shoes for dryer days, and old sandals for warm days. Nothing flowery or pink. But I do like Carol's new green clogs! Well, someday when I have a few extra euros, maybe I'll get a pair. What do YOU wear for gardening! Post pics to Carol's May Dreams blog, and see what others wear as well.

Garden bloggers bloomday - March

It's 15 March, and there are a lot of flowers blooming today at Windywillow in Ireland. Mostly there are daffodils everywhere. And I wish I had 10 times more daffs, I just love them!
(Click on the pictures to see a better view.)

Daffodils... small ones, big ones, yellow ones, orange ones, all happy flowers.

Salix catkins getting yellower and fuzzier.

Plum? Cherry? I don't know what this tree is. One day last year, my neighbor left this tree lying by my back door, its roots drying out in the sun. He had uprooted it, saying they had too many trees in thier back garden, and if I would like it. Sure!! I love trees. I was quite surprised and happy to see it flowering now.

Forsithia getting more and more flowers.

Grape Hyacinth

and here and there is a daisy in the lawn.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Yellow and blue colors of spring

A soft rainy Sunday

While washing dishes, and daydreaming, looking out the window.. I was suddenly aware that the little forsythia had its golden buds coming out. Seems very early to me, but I'm happy to see a bit more color!

The hellebore flowers have purple edges.

Hyacinths are blooming, and sending its lovely scent afar!

Willow catkins are now turning yellow.

And many daffodils are still blooming nicely.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy surprises!

I came home last night from visiting my Mom. It was too dark to see the garden, besides.. I was much too busy chatting with hubby and kids. When I woke up this morning, I was greeted by many cheerful daffodils, and a very fuzzy willow treeling! The little tree actually took my breath away, it looked so beautiful in the early morning light.

Alas, I could not find where my family had put my camera, and only just an hour ago took these pics. Last time I was home, there were no daffs, and the willow had only just began to open its catkins.