Sunday, August 24, 2008

moss and flowers on old walls

Moss and plants grow on everything around here. This moss is on a shady side of Trim Castle, just a few minutes drive from my house.

Lovely purple wildflowers by a ruin on the castle grounds. I think this is rosebay willowherb.

These flowers are Herb Robert, a type of wild geranium, and sometimes grows in crevices wherever they can find a foothold. This is a wall behind my kid's house in Dublin.

More Trim moss.

Friday, August 15, 2008

August Bloomday

It's August bloomday here at Windywillow. I feel like there hasn't been much of a summer this year, there were very few warm and sunny days. Mostly it was rain, mist, drizzle, dark clouds and storms. Seemed like spring just continued and soon it will become autumn.
Still, a lot of flowers did bloom. Most of them came late this year compared to last year.
Above are the nasturtiums, which pop up everywhere and cheerfully blanket their surroundings.

Song of the swallows, press play to hear my favorite birdsong of summer. While they fly crazily over my head, twittering and socializing, I took pictures of flowers blooming this grey and cloudy August morning.

At the back wall are hollyhocks, accidentally transfered there along with the tall grasses from the front garden. They look majestic against the wall.

Sweet peas and rocket in front of the himalayan honeysuckle.

The wild fuchsia shrubs brighten up the side garden, bees buzz around them all day long.

Mirthful rose still looking lovely

Love-in-a-mist is also popping up all over, lovely heavenly blue flowers.

Oregano is looking pretty in the herb bed. Also covered with bees all day.

Theres lots of crocosimas in the front garden, it seems difficult to capture the red-orange color on this cloudy morning.

Chamomile blooms are beginning to fade, it needs a haircut soon.

One anemone opens its delicate flower.

Sweet lil dark violas

green bean flowers are all over the vines, soon to be lovely beans. mmmmm...

The honeysuckle is only just starting to bloom, they are very late this summer. Maybe by September bloom day, they might be in full bloom, or maybe they'll be done with their flowers. We shall see.

My red field poppies, and white california poppies didn't come out in their photos very well. I may go out in an hour or so and take another few pics and post them then.
*edit* Here we go:
some field poppies and candytuft

california poppies (eschscholzia) and oregano

Took a new one of the crocosimas as well, in a fleeting moment of hazy sunshine

See August flowers from all over the world, at May Dreams Gardens "Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - August 2008"

Monday, August 04, 2008

Lemon yellow sunflowers

I was given a packet of mixed sunflower seeds in May. And for some strange reason, only these pale yellow ones are blooming now. There are more plants, but none of them have flowers yet.

They are growing in a "temoprary" spot. I didn't have enough room for all of them at the time they went in the ground, so I put them in my veggie garden, inbetween onions, raspberries and rocket. Not so temporary a spot, as they are still there and blooming wonderfully.