Thursday, November 05, 2020

Dona Nobis Pacem

Love, acceptance and inclusion. Grant us Peace. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Faerie Island

I recently visited my brother John in Portland, Maine. We decided it would be fun to go out and paint for the day, and we chose a spot where we could see the bay and Mackworth Island. 

John told me there were little faerie houses all over the island, so since I like faeries, it was a lovely subject for me to paint.

I imagined there were many little faeries flitting about as I painted, appearing as little spots of light on the island in the center of the painting.

The next day we went to visit Mackworth Island!

There were lovely views of the water and other islands nearby.

 Sometimes a sailboat skittered past.

 John and I hugged a few trees.

 Then we came upon a little clearing, and we saw the faerie houses!

People passing through had taken sticks and leaves and rocks to build tiny little houses all over the clearing.

I like the pine needle roof on this one.

 I think the faeries would like the lichen mural on this tree.

 One house had a little table nearby.

 Many of the houses had shells decorating the front walk.

 A lovely stone house for a pebble fae.

 Maybe a water sprite might live here.

I thought this house was especially beautiful. There was a small well in the garden, and bits of bark made lovely accents.

 Lovely flower patterns made with catkins and pinecones.

  Pretty stepping stones to welcome the faeries in.

Oh my .. doesn't John know what happens when you fall asleep in a faerie clearing?

I saw a larger house with an occupant! See the chipmunk sitting at the top of the doorway?

 Nice use of seaweed decorating this front garden

 I like the leaf house with the purple flower growing by the front door.

 I liked this one at the edge of the clearing, bordering the green underplanting of the forest.

 The last house we came across had a colorful front garden of flowers and pine twigs.

John and I built a house too, I found a twig of old leaves to use as a roof.

Me and my faerie house.

 The forest beyond the clearing.

The island was full of wildflowers.

 This would make a lovely front garden!

 I loved the tall branchy trees on the island.

 We found a swing!

 Back home again .. and we have two lovely painting we both named "Faerie Island"

This is a close shot of mine.  I took John's painting home, and left mine hanging in his house.

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Friday, June 05, 2015

a cold early summer

 fried egg flowers

 unidentified bell flowers


 daisies and bee

 daisies and tiny spider

 the first rose, Moyesii


goat willow 



Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Daffidils and Tulips

  Daffodils in April


tulips, "Mickey Mouse"

 tulips by the back door

Nettlemas Eve, The evening before May Day, where playful children and naughty faeries whack each other with handfuls of nettles.