Friday, June 15, 2007

June Bloomday (part 2)

Song of the swallows, press play to hear my favorite birdsong of summer. I can hear them all day long flitting around the skies above.

Part two: the flowers
Asarina "Red Dragon" I have this haging plant just inside my back door, which I usually keep open all day in nice weather. Don't they look like long snouts with lips at the end? I think they are singing thier flowery songs in chorus.

Bees on the calendulas. My garden is full of bees this year, sometimes I'm afraid to get sage or thyme for dinner, as the bees seem to know when I'm near and get a bit perturbed.

The clover is blooming all over the grass, looks so pretty, I tend to mow around the prettier patches. Plus, I don't like disturbing all the bees collecting nectar.

Geranium Caffrum with the yellow zizia nestled inbetween. Sorry for the poor quality photo, it's just so dark out today, and the flowers won't hold still in the wind. Below is a pic from last week.

A couple people have asked about this flower, "geranium caffrum". They have mistaken it for corn cockle. The blooms do look very similar, don't they?

There are three honeysuckle flowers open already.

Self seeded Malva. I'm glad this came back, it always looks nice with the red rose next to it (which hasn't bloomed yet).
Rain rain rain... Well, I am glad for the rain. It had beed quite dry these past couple weeks.

No idea what this is, a weed? The flower looks like cow parsley, but I know it isn't. It has giant fuzzy leaves that look quite exotic. I like it, so it can stay.
*edit* I've ID it from my wildlife book. It's called Giant Hogweed. Where have I heard that word before? A Pink Floyd song? no.. Genesis! Must have a listen now.

My dianthus are starting to open.

One last oriental poppy. Soon I will have field poppies, I see lots of them all over, with buds. No blooms on those yet.

Thunbergia, I have that by the back door also, climbing up into the asarina.

And finally, I have to include the violas, sweet lil blooms. See the fringy pink in there?

"Tee hee" giggle the viola faces.

Other flowers in bloom:
Daisies (lawn daisy)
Dames Rocket
Feverfew (just starting today, one or two blooms opened)
Geraniums (scented and pelargonium)
Nigella (just starting a couple days ago)
Verbena (just starting a day or so ago)
Welsh Poppy

If you'd like to participate in the monthly Bloom Day, do up a post about all the flowers blooming on the 15th of each month, then visit May Dreams Gardens and leave a link.
Have a lovely summer! And hope it warms up for all you Irish and Brithish gardeners soon.


Blogger Carol said...

Your white flower looks like what we would call 'Queen Anne's Lace'. It is so hot and dry where I am, that even the clover seems to wilt by mid day. We need some "Irish" weather... rain and cool! Thanks again for participating in bloom day.

June 15, 2007 12:18 pm  
Blogger Christa said...

Your rose collection is spectacular. My favorite is the first pink one. It reminds me of the roses my grandmother had. They had a sweet scent that was out of this world.

I love your red dragon flowers, too. They do look like snouts with lips! :-)

June 15, 2007 1:17 pm  
Blogger Salix Tree said...

Carol, I think Queen Anne's Lace is cow parsley. And I thought that's what it is, but the leaves are quite different. I'll take a pic of this again in a day or so with its leaves showing.

June 15, 2007 2:38 pm  
Blogger Robin said...

Lovely blooms. Your roses are all so beautiful and I'm envious of the rain.

June 15, 2007 2:55 pm  
Blogger Yolanda Elizabet said...

Lovely flowers, all of them. Your asarina looks lovely, is it a hardy plant or a perennial?

Roses, roses and more roses! You're a woman after me own heart! ;-)

Thanks for the bird songs, I liked them both.

My blooms are up too!

June 15, 2007 6:33 pm  
Blogger Salix Tree said...

Yolanda, asarina is a funny plant. It seems to die down each winter, there are big fat roots in the pot that stay alive, and regrows each spring. Maybe they are tubers, no idea. So I guess it's a perennial.

June 16, 2007 2:31 pm  
Blogger QT said...

You have some very lovely roses - I wish I had more patience for them myself! I can't wait to see your poppies!

June 16, 2007 7:54 pm  

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