Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mom's garden and village

I'm back from visiting my Mom. Here in her garden is a lovely bushy lavender, taken from a cutting of my one in Ireland. And the rose is just starting to bloom. My brother and I found the rose shrub in a building site years ago, we were afraid it would get plowed under so we dug it up.

Her front garden, a view from the upstairs window:
She picked out several of the most lovely geraniums, and had me put them all in a row along the pebble path. She likes to sit in her rocking chair by the window, doing her needlework, and she has a good view of these geraniums from there.
Here's a panoramic view:

One day a balloon was drifting by, there's an elderberry in the public shrubberies just coming into bloom.

A short distance from her house are farms, I thought these ponies were so sweet.

And from the upstairs window again, at night you can see the church tower. I thought the clouds and moon looked eerie this night.


Blogger yogastories said...

Thank you for your lovely pictures. You seem to love flowers as much as I do. My blog is somewhat bare. Maybe I should brighten it up with some of my pics of flowers from my allotment.

July 07, 2008 8:31 pm  

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